Car Repairs in Norwich

Do you have an issue with your vehicle? Call one of our experts in Norwich today on 01603 301999

Our skilled technicians are able to provide repairs for just about any vehicle manufacturer and model. We take investment seriously so you can be assured that our highly trained technicians have the best tools for the job.

We will provide quotations for any work necessary to complete repairs on your vehicle and will not conduct any repair work without your confirmation.

Some of the repair work we regularly conduct includes:

  • MOT Repairs - if your vehicle requires work to get it through its MOT we are able to carry out repairs in house.
  • Exhausts - we are able to provide repair solutions across the entire system, from replacement catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters to flexi pipe repairs and more.
  • Brakes - including all components of the braking system such as brake discs, brake pads, hydraulics, hoses, callipers, cylinders and all the other mechanical workings of your brakes.
  • Batteries - providing replacement batteries and drop test to assess the quality of your existing battery.
  • Cambelts - it is vital that you cambelt is checked and replaced at the manufacturers specified intervals to avoid potentially severe and expensive damage.
  • Suspension and Steering - repairs and replacements for ball joints, wishbones, track control arms, road springs, shock absorbers, suspension bushes, steering racks and hydraulic components.
  • Engine Repairs - providing diagnosis and repairs across the entire engine including the head gasket, valve stem seal replacements and engine plates.
  • Gearbox and Clutch - we are able to repair and rebuild both the clutch and gearbox after diagnosis.
Mechanic repairing a vehicle - Car Repairs Norwich

To let us know about any issues you are experiencing with your vehicle you can contact our car garage in Norwich on 01603 301999 or send us a message using our contact form.