Finding the right tyres has never been easier, using our online booking system you will be able to browse through a full range of tyres, from budget to premium and even specialist tyres, to find the perfect tyres for your vehicle.

We are able to stock a full range of tyres from trusted brands like GT Radial, which you can order through our website for them to arrive in time for their fitting. When it comes to tyres in Norwich we believe we are up there with the very best. For more information speak to your local tyre experts in Norwich on 01603 301999.

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Budget Tyres or Premium Tyres - what’s the difference?

This is a question that we find asked a lot and whilst all tyres sold in the UK are required to meet set standards for road safety, the difference between a budget and premium tyre often speaks for itself

A budget tyre is often produced to a specific price point whilst a premium tyre is developed to excel in certain or all attributes. Premium tyre manufacturers are more concerned with creating the best tyre which is then priced accordingly as opposed to being produced to a restricted budget.

Whilst a budget tyre can do the job, we believe that the benefits in performance and safety of a premium tyre far outweigh the relatively small increase in price.

How do I check if my tyres need replacing?

Tyre replacements are too often an emergency purchase where a vehicle owner has allowed their tyres to wear down to the point that they become a hazard. It is recommended that you seek new tyres as soon as your tyres no longer meet the minimum legal requirements of tread likewise tyres should be replaced if they begin to show signs of damage such as cracking.

Having insufficient tread on your tyres is not only hazardous to yourself, your passengers and other road users, but it is also an offence which carries points and a severe fine. You can test the depth of your tyre tread at home with nothing more than a 20p piece. We have provided the following diagram to illustrate how you can conduct this test yourself.

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For any questions about tyres call our specialists now on 01603 301999 or send us a message using our contact form.

Motorbike Tyres

HMT are able to supply and fit motorcycle tyres from all major and reputable brands, offering options to fit all budgets from Road Tyres to Racing Slicks.

The technology used in creating motorbike tyres has developed significantly in the last 20 years. When you purchase a premium tyre from a reputable manufacturer such as Avon, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, Metzeler or Pirelli you are purchasing more than just the rubber. You are buying something that has been specifically crafted for the highest levels of performance, durability and safety.

As tyres can wear down relatively slowly, it can be easy to miss when a pair has degraded to the point of needing replacement. However, upon a new set of tyres with difference can be extraordinary, improving your handling and traction bringing some of the joy back into riding.

Before you decide what tyres to purchase it is important to consider how you use your motorbike. We are, of course, here to advise you on this and will always make the most informed suggestions based on your requirements. For example, high performance sports tyres will offer the pinnacle in handling and deliver great performance at speed with the upshot that they will wear quicker compared to a harder wearing touring tyre.

To enquire about ordering motorcycle tyres and to arrange a fitting you can contact us here. We are able to give guidance and advice to help you find the perfect tyre for your motorbike.

To enquire about ordering motorcycle tyres and to arrange a fitting you can contact us here. We are able to give guidance and advice to help you find the perfect tyre for your motorbike.